October Overheard

Overheard in Knoll Court:
Flatmate 1: “Why are you washing our George Foreman in the sink?”
Flatmate 2: “Well how else am I supposed to wash it?”

Overheard in the library:
“My stalker is not texting me back”

Overheard in Northumberland Cafe
“I’m on a carb free diet so I think I’ll just get a Jacket Potato”

Overheard at CCE
“I don’t get why you’d get a law degree just to be a barista in a coffee shop”

Overheard at the Big Fat Quiz of the Week during the Music Bingo Round
“What happens if you get two lines before a full house?”

Overheard at Quay Point
Flatmate 1: “Will you please clean up that water you’ve spilt on the floor?”
Flatmate 2: “That’s your shadow”

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