NUS Conference Final Day Coverage

Toni Pearce was re-elected NUS President yesterday, by a muchgreater margin than many predicted, giving her an even stronger mandate on conference floor this morning.Today sees the final day of NUS conference include; elections for the trustees, and democratic procedures committee (DPC) of NUS.

In a first in recent years for Northumbria, one of our delegates will be standing in an election this morning, Lay Student Councillor Cameron Giles will be contending the DPC elections.

Yesterday saw Northumbria take a controversial stance against motions in the 700 sections – the section for proposed rules changes, changing the way in which NUS operates internally – motion 701, 702 and 711 all attempt to impose quotas on NUS elections – 702 also requires NSU to impose a gender quota in it’s own elections for NUS conference delegates.

Last year NSU opposed a similar motion – also called 701 – which focused on a similar issue, whilst agreeing that there were inequalities within NUS, the delegation – supported by policy passed at the NSU student council – believed a numerical balancing was not the best way to tackle the issue, wanting to see NUS putting more into empowerment and engagement. Last year Northumbria won the debate and the motion failed, although by a small margin, this year despite strong opposition from Northumbria and other students unions, the motion passed with a wider margin.

As always, keep checking in to see more live updates as the day goes on, as well as up to date news about Northumbria’s impact on conference floor, you can also see the live stream of the event at