Life as President: Part two

The last few months have flown by since Christmas and now we are in the build up to election fever at the Students’ Union. The sabbatical Team have been incredibly busy in the run up to the elections to ensure we had a good number of students standing for election. I am so pleased that all that hard work paid off and we now have 29 candidates standing for sabbatical positions as well as contested equality positions too! :)

After roughly eight months in the role I have been working hard to achieve the manifesto points on which I was elected, and thought it was about time you all had an update. J

Extend City campus east opening hours:

In November the Sabbatical team led a campaign on opening hours, the information we collected from you was analysed and helped inform my report to the University on Opening Hours. After circulating my report to the University executive (i.e. the decision makers) I was invited to present my report to them. My report was well received and my recommendations were all accepted, with more work to be done around workshop spaces in design. Since February 24th City Campus East has been open 24/7 enabling you to study when it suits you.

Promote the Union through a ‘we love our union’ campaign./ Provide an additional Societies and Volunteering fair in semester 2.

This turned in to Refreshers week which we held in January as a second chance for people to get involved whilst also showcasing out amazing societies and excellent volunteers. I think it was a great success and will hopefully run again next year.

Work with NU:Lets to host first time renting sessions.

These sessions were initially run in semester one and we decided to run them once again in semester 2 as part of Refreshers week. For those students that attended the sessions seemed to go down well and were hopefully a useful source of information bout renting and private accommodation.

Produce an online student swap shop:

These Swap Shops have been a physical presence in the SU; I have now run two swap shop events this semester enabling students to swap unwanted items for others. It would be great to host an online version and it is something which I am looking into as well.

As well as working on my manifesto points, I have also been feeding back to the University your feedback we got from the 1,000 students we spoke to on a SU Go out and Listen day which is shaping changes in the University. Additionally, with the ongoing Industrial action I have been in regular contact with the University in order to minimise disruption to students whilst also encouraging the University to re enter into negotiations with the Unions. I have also had a meeting with UCU which myself and Nicole Pegg (VP Academic affairs) went to, to discuss the industrial action and the discussion around fair pay in Higher Education.