Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip gig review

Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip have always been a tough one to pin down to one genre. The duo take on numerous influences and styles ranging from hip hop and spoken word, to dubstep.
This “marriage of styles” was reflected perfectly in the crowd itself: there was everyone from punks, all the way to the artsy, brogue-wearing types. And yet, when Dan unleashed the opening beats of Stunner, and Pip launched into the song, all the crowd was dancing (albeit in very different ways).

DLS vs SP then delved into their back catalogue, playing older favourites such as Beat That My Heart Skipped (fun fact: check the video out for a Paloma Faith cameo), and 2008’s Look For The Woman.
Sarah Williams-Wright made a reappearance on stage, providing the melodic tones required for Cauliflower (the album version features Kid A). This marked the arrival of a cluster of the slower, pensive songs which appear on Repent Replenish Repeat, including Porter, Night Bus Sleepers and Terminal as well as 2008 single Angles.

Although slower than other tracks, Pip managed to use props and theatricality too, (for example outfit changes for each personality in Angles) to engage with the audience and maintain their attention. This was proof that when lyrics and stage presence are that good, people will listen.

The second support act Itch then joined DLS vs SP for a performance of Stiff Upper Lip, an angry, visceral track which increased the tempo and energy and made way for the rather tongue-in-cheek Gold Teeth, which features Flux Pavillion.

Another favourite off the new album, You Will See Me, is a powerful, seething track, which Pip perhaps failed to get behind completely and could have benefitted from being heard alongside the slower tracks of the set list to gain full impact.

Some of the real highlights were definitely found within the encore, which saw Pip perform Introdiction, the first single taken from his solo album, Distraction Pieces. This was equalled by Dan’s amazing freestyle set at the very end of the encore, which turned the room immediately from a gig into a club.

This gig saw DLS vs SP play to the biggest crowd of the tour so far and, even with the slower tracks of Repent, Replenish, Repeat, the duo proved that they do have what it takes to play bigger venues and captivate larger crowds.