Life as the President…

I often get asked so what is it you actually do as President?

Well it’s a difficult question to answer as my role is all encompassing and means that no day is ever the same. In the last few months since starting this role I have done a variety of things from attending the board of governors to abseiling down the university library, so you could say there is never a dull moment! I also quickly learnt that as a sabbatical officer your opinion and the student voice is in demand so I am invited to a number of meetings and committees across the university which cover a wide range of topics. The last few months have been a whirlwind and I can’t believe that we are only a few short weeks away from the end of term!

So what an earth have I been up to in the last few weeks?

First time renting sessions: This was on my manifesto and the idea was to provide students with more information about housing in order to make sure students were well informed before making that important decision. I was supported in this by Tom Bromwich, one of our Lay student councillors and I thought that the sessions went well and we will be bringing them back next semester! :)

Opening hour’s campaign: One of my key manifesto promises was to start a campaign around the opening hours of university buildings, particularly at City Campus East. The sabbatical team were out and about on campus for two days speaking to students to find out how opening hours and access to buildings affected them. We had a great response from students and I am currently in the process of writing my report to take to the university.

RAG (Raise and Give): Rag week kicked off with a bang and a number of people including the sabbatical team abseiling down the library! I had a great but busy week in RAG, balancing my commitments elsewhere in the University with supporting the volunteers who were out on the streets of Newcastle collecting money for charity.

Group work campaign: A sabbatical priority lead on by Nicole we went out once again to speak to students to find out whether group work was a positive or negative experience on their course. We had a lot of feedback and it was great to get out speaking to students once again. Nicole is now writing a report and will present the findings to the university in order to make change.

Graduations: Nicole and I attended the graduations this week which was a great experience. I loved seeing all of our students celebrating their hard work and success. Although my face ached by the end of the day from all that smiling! :)

This is just an idea of the things I have been up to recently, and my new year’s resolution will be to make sure I write a blog more regularly to keep you up to date with work I have been up to.

Any questions or want to get in touch then please email n.hodgson@northumbria or tweet me @nsupres :)