A day in the life of..an activities & development officer 1.1

Hey hey!


Well it’s been a while since 1st October when I last blogged! So here’s what I’ve been doing…


Since then, the biggest thing that has happened is obviously RAG!

The abseil was amazing! It was so much fun and  I ended up doing it with the lovely Mike, so it was nice not doing it alone!

This is the RAG 2013 photo, that I now have framed in my office – best present ever!



The RAG total is still TBC but is over £10,000 so far! I’m wanting to do a big review of RAG and mix things up for next year, so if you have any ideas on how it can be improved then let me know!


We’ve got these new ‘student friendly’ business cards as part of our engagement campaign – what do you think?

business card

Obviously this blog is part of the engagement campaign too, and if there’s anything else me or the other officers can do to communicate with you better let us know – what do you want to know? How do you want to find out?

Christmas Volunteer Week

…is next week! Like the Volunteer Northumbria page on Facebook to find out about what’s going on – there’s Christmas Card Making, Spreading Positivity & Carol Singing, and just general volunteering with a festive twist!

EcoNSU Award

I went to London at the end of October with some lovely EcoNSU volunteers, and won a Young Partner’s Award – which basically means young people working with young people, which is definitely what everyone at NSU does!


That’s about it for now, I’ll start doing these more often – promise!

Sarah :)



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