Home and Away: Home

When deciding on a University to go to, staying at home was really always at the top of my agenda. I wasn’t ready to “fly the nest”, as you’re stereotypically supposed to. Admittedly, Northumbria University had the best course modules suited for me, but it was an added bonus as well as a relief to know I was staying at home. That’s how I felt until fresher’s week, anyway.

Luckily for me, I did have other people from my school going to Northumbria, but they weren’t on the same course as me. It was hard relying on them to be there to mingle on fresher’s week as they had other commitments. People who moved into halls already had their clicks, so they had a chance to bond and mostly stuck together on nights out – I never wanted to intrude.

In my opinion, more needs to be done to help students who live at home. Later in the year, i found out freshers had been conversing on Twitter and Facebook, apparently there is a dedicated Facebook page, but i feel as though this needs promoting more vigorously.

After settling into uni life and making friends on my course, I was always secretly jealous of their lives living in student halls. It meant they could do what they want, whenever they pleased, and they had a great sense of independence.

Living at home does have its benefits; firstly family and friends. I get to see them every day, they may drive me crazy but I like having them close by for support and obviously a good home cooked meal never goes a miss.

I do help out around the house but cleaning and ironing are not on the top of my to-do list.

Financially it seemed cheaper to live at home; i walked to and from uni, but still paid my mam money towards bills. Obviously I would have preferred to roll out of bed and throw on anything 5 minutes before a lecture, and still make it on time, but I like being in the comfort of my own home.

I think there will be a part of me that regrets not moving into halls, although i don’t forget the times that I saw the state of some student halls and thought ‘thank god I don’t live in that!’ Moving away for the so called, ‘uni experience’ is something I wish I had considered more, but I have plenty of time to move out in the future.