Home and Away – Away

Sleeping through to the afternoon. Last night’s pizza served cold for breakfast. The unequivocal whiff which the average student house emits.  Here are just some of the many joys of living away from home whilst at university.

Most students opt to move away from home, and Fresher’s can find halls a daunting place to arrive to. (Well, depending which one you’re in!) So you arrive, not knowing a soul, and are forced well out of your comfort zone, to make friends. This of course, is so you don’t end up being the one sorry looking loner, wandering around campus asking people where stuff is- just for the sake of a bit of human interaction.

My biggest fear, was that nobody up here would quite understand my witty (or another word that rhymes with it…) humour.
Living away from home allows you to meet some real characters, some of whom you would never normally speak to but are actually pretty decent! You’re living with people in the same boat as you, who aren’t going to be on your case if you don’t do your washing, or stay out too late… or even don’t come home until the next morning.

That brings me onto the C word. Cleaning. You don’t want to be one of those students with a house that smells like a reeking old couch. If the worst case scenario happens, then a quick spray to jazz up of the place will mean no one will ever notice.

Another big difference becomes obvious when you open your fridge door. My fridge at home has vegetables, low-fat yoghurt, conserves and a selection of cheeses in. My Uni fridge though, is split 70 percent on alcohol, 25 on ready meals, and 5 on cordial that doesn’t even need to be in there.

Bills, Bills, Bills! This is something you’ll have to learn to get used to. Just don’t end up like me by being too stingy to pay out on heating bills, giving you a cold in August – it is Newcastle after all!

Don’t get me wrong, i love living away, but nothing can beat a good Sunday lunch cooked by your parents (mainly because it costs you nothing). Somehow, a tin of beans out of a saucepan (to save on washing up) sounds nowhere near as appealing.