How to: Become More Organised at University

We have all been there, you pull out your notebook in a lecture and you flick through pages of forgotten notes, loose hand-outs and a voucher for Frankie and Benny’s before you even get to a blank page.

It is very easy to become disorganised while studying at University. Exam time rolls around and you are sat looking at random, scrappy pages of notes, protesting “they haven’t even taught us anything!”.

Not to worry though, here are a few tips that will help you become more organised.

If your course has a module guide that you claim to have looked at, then stop lying to yourself and actually read it page for page. Better yet, print it out and put it in a ring-binder. Highlight key dates and any other important information. If your module guide includes a week by week timetable of what each of your lectures are about and the suggested reading then it would be good to have a look at that too.

Buy a work planner and put in the dates which are important for your course. Get used to looking at your planner every week and writing any important things you have to remember in it, it will massively help you! When you are in bed on a Sunday night make a list of things you have to do for the upcoming week, staple your to-do list to the corresponding week in your planner, that way you will have no choice but to look at it.

Try and keep up to date with your lecture notes so when exam time comes you can avoid desperately scouring Blackboard trying to locate a lecture PowerPoint from your first week. If the thought of writing them all out is daunting, then pick out the key points and write them on index cards, that way when it is time to revise you will already have a stack of revision cards ready. Keep your index cards organised in order of subject, you can get small index folders to keep them in or you could just keep them stored in plastic wallets.

Being organised is easy once you get in to the swing of it. Avoid feeling like you are drowning in work. These tips will help you become more prepared, but it is up to you to make sure you keep yourself organised and you will definitely be ready when it is exam season!