A day in the life of..an activities & development officer

It’s about time students at Northumbria know what we as sabbatical officers actually do on a day to day basis – so this blog is here to tell you!

It will (hopefully) give you an insight into what we’re doing individually and as a team, and most importantly how what we’re doing affects you as a Northumbria student.

So this week, little reminders of welcome week are still floating around. An amazing 100% of welcome team so far would recommend the experience (you can sign up for 2014 here: https://app.volunteer2.com/Public/Login/Volunteer), but a lot of welcome team still need to fill it in, so if that’s you, get on it - https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/northumbriaww13.


Also, this lovely photo is my desktop background:

welcome team 2013


how adorable!

In other news, RAG is quickly coming upon us! RAG (Raise & Give) week is 7th – 15th November this year, and the committee have got some epic things planned, so sign up now: https://app.volunteer2.com/Public/Login/Volunteer, or ask me for more information if you’re not sure!


I’ve also been in talks with Team Northumbria this week to tackle the point on my manifesto about casual sport – the wheels are in motion – woo!

That’s about it for now – don’t hesitate to contact me (details below) if you want to know more about anything that goes on in the students’ union – we’re here for you!

Sarah :)



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