Drawn from memory

Writers Society Special – Drawn From Memory

Samantha couldn’t have walked away from the Psychology office quick enough. Marching along the corridor and out towards the building’s main exit she couldn’t understand how something so simple as returning an educational DVD could have gone so wrong. She had taken it back. She distinctly remembered handing it to the woman behind the desk. Now she had to go home and make absolutely sure it wasn’t still there as the department were insisting they hadn’t received it. Samantha felt the colours she was seeing fade to a murkier, shady grey tone.

Turning over every stone in her room she slumped down on her chair and let out a huge sigh. Where the hell could it be? She looked up and started to replay the event as it had happened, a few times in her mind, each repeat slowed down a little more as she tried to recall what the woman she handed it to looked like. The images felt rushed and blurry as this event was not supposed to be an important one. At the time Samantha’s thoughts were on other things mainly what she was going to buy her friend Rachael for her birthday with a budget of ten pounds.  Focusing on reliving the moment she spoke the words she presumed she’d said and carried out the gestures. “I’m returning a DVD I borrowed.” Eyes closed, she put her hand down where her bag would have been and pulled it up as if holding out the item.

All her reconstruction efforts rewarded herwith were a vague picture of a woman with blond hair. This type of memory exercise had usually served her well when it came to remembering something; a person she bumped into on the streets name, the way she’d travelled somewhere when she’d been lost, Samantha was usually very good at retrieving small fragments of hidden or forgotten things in her memory bank, but not on this occasion.

Opening the freezer door and feeling the breeze on her skin she felt a migraine coming on. Moving towards the sink for a glass of water she felt a pressing force on her head. As she sat down with her hands on her forehead she closed her eyes and saw a grey figure zoom across her line of vision and out of sight. What the hell? Taken aback she quickly checked the room and hallway for intruders. Eventually satisfied it was all in her mind she continued to make dinner.

3:34AM. Samantha woke with an uncontrollable need to blink. As she did the grey figure she’d seen before appeared in her mind holding up a small white parcel and gave her what she interpreted as an apologetic gesture. Samantha rubbed her forehead in pain for a second then noticed the figure throw the parcel down and run away apologetically. Thump! Something hit the ground. Samantha peered over her bedpost and stared at her floor. Her eyes widened and she couldn’t believe what she saw, the DVD she thought she’d returned entitled; Borrowing Memories.