Falling off the resolution bandwagon?

Falling off the resolution bandwagon?

I will go running at least three times a week. (Jan 2011 – May 2011)

I will learn the guitar. (Jan 06, 07, 08, 09)

I will not leave my deadlines so late that I have to pull all-nighters (Jan 2011 – Jan 2011)

I will give up smoking (Jan 2010, I didn’t even smoke… I did by the end of that year)


I see myself as quite a determined person, but for the life of me I can never stick to a New Year’s resolution, possibly because I set myself some slightly outlandish ideas to what I can fit into my already quite busy schedule, or that I think that I can actually run.

I think the old ‘I will lose weight’ is just to justify laying around for two weeks and stuffing yourself with everything which it is now acceptable to buy because ‘it is Christmas’ then realising your jeans don’t fit. I always manage to lose the weight…well most of it then I get distracted generally by chocolate and the fact I like food.

I have always wanted to learn the guitar, however my parents decided the Piano was more appropriate, which is why I saved from age 14 to 15 and bought myself the cheapest guitar set I could find and tried to teach myself to play. I can say, I failed most miserably and I will never be as good as Matt Bellamy, Eric Johnson, Slash or Brian May, predominantly as I know five chords and play very badly, so much so that the guitar has been packed away in the loft to save people’s ears and I have been instructed only to ever play guitar hero…or pay for my own lessons. The only slight comfort of this utter failure, is that I can beat my brother at guitar hero.

I’m not even sure why I thought running was a good idea. It was freezing cold, I generally looked out of breath, red and bedraggled as its England and the weather is never favourable to the runner in early January. After each run I’d stumble back into my house and collapse on the floor hoping for some sort of relief. I did enjoy running up and down the quayside with my flatmates and being able to run 5K was quite a nice feeling, but after one too many pulled muscles, the prospects of exams and the lure of biscuits I did neglect that resolution quite severely. However, I have been able to take some parts of hope from this failure and have discovered The Gym. Where you are surrounded by other red faced people and it has nicely regulated temperatures so you don’t risk losing limbs to hypothermia and since failing my resolution I have become a lot healthier and fitter and generally go between 3 – 4 times a week… so overall I’d count it as a half failure.

This year my resolutions are slightly more grounded and less ambitious, so I have resolved to have some kind of job after graduation that gets me on my way to my career plans in the future, which makes me feel like a very old sensible third year. The others are get my dissertation done, to keep going to the gym and to finish a bottle of tequila that I bought in second year (priorities and all). For the bold few who refuse to partake in this whole resolution ‘façade’, you don’t know what you’re missing out on!

The best NYR successes (so far)


  • Hannah, ‘‘Random Acts of Kindness’ I put up little notes up in the bathrooms of University offering positive messages to those that see it, such as ‘you’re beautiful’.’


  • Sam, ‘Call my mum once a week, to let her know I’m still alive.’


  • Kate, ‘Do whatever makes me happy.’



The Best NYR failures

  • Phoebe ‘Made a new year’s resolution to not make any more new year’s resolutions and I have succeeded at that like a boss.’


  • Mikey, ‘Gave up smoking…lasted a week.’


  • Alex, ‘Learn how to cook at uni. I’m still living off a mixture of Dominos and soup in my third year.’
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