Music Society

Music Soc Sining - Close upNewcastle is renowned for its culture: its art, its drama productions and its music scene.  These all contribute to reasons why students want to come to the North. Having such strong a cultural influence living in this area, it only made sense for Northumbria University to have a Music Society.

The Northumbria Music Society is a new society, only a year old, with several goals and aspirations for the oncoming academic year. Having already set up a choir and performed on a number of occasions, the society wishes to expand upon this initial success. The current choir consists of students, staff and other members of the community. It has performed well-known choral pieces such as Faure’s Requiem and Allegri’s Miserere. If classical singing is something you enjoy, or want to try out, then joining this choir is an fantastic opportunity to train up your vocal chords.

However, if you enjoy singing but feel that classical music isn’t your cup of tea. Don’t worry!, the society is planning on setting up a student “Pop” choir. The choir will perform arrangements of modern music. Having already performed Coldplay’s Viva La Vida at the Students’ Union’s Annual Awards, we are eager to continue in this vein and perform more modern pieces. Imagine “Glee” or “Pitch Perfect” and you’ll be getting close to the type of thing we’re going for.

Another opportunity for budding performers is taking part in our Open Mic Nights. These are events put on by the Music Society for new and upcoming musicians to have a go at performing to a friendly and receptive audience. The last night, took place at the end of April. It went down a storm with a mixture of poetry, classical piano performances and mash-ups of Fleetwood Mac, Bastille and other hit songs. So, if you sing or play an instrument or both, these Open-Mic nights are chances to perform, meet new people and showcase your talents.

One of our new projects for next year is the orchestra. . The orchestra will offer the chance for you as musicians to be part of ensemble that performs a wide variety of music.. Most importantly the orchestra will give you the chance to part of somthing massive.. If you have an instrument, be sure to get it to uni and get involved.

The Music Society offers a chance to meet likeminded people who enjoy music, both as listeners and performers. It offers a wonderful chance to get involved. One thing students with an interest in music tend to regret after University is letting academic commitments and other influences take over their musical side. Being part of the Music Society offers the chance to be involved in musical activities, expand on old skills, learn new ones and meet new people with the same interests.

So, if you’re interested in being a part of the Music Society, sign up on the Volunteer Database, at the Societies Fair during Freshers week or get in touch with us through e-mail ( or Facebook. We hope to make this year even better than the last, and with your help we will.

Please feel free to have a nosey at our new website!


Adam Crawley – President

Daniel Ashmore – Secretary

Becky Bayliss – Treasurer