2012: The highs and the lows

2012. Well, what a year. We have had so many reasons to celebrate and just as many reasons to not celebrate. When Big Ben chimed at 12am on the 1st of January 2012, we had so many expectations of the year. Expectations that also brought anticipation and excitement of what the year would bring. Here are some of the reasons why 2012 has been an amazing year, but like anything, there are always the bad things.

2012 has had so many highs, many events that we have not had the chance to experience before in our lifetime. Like the Queens Diamond Jubilee, an incredible 60 years as our Monarch. Most of us will remember the Queens Golden Jubilee but we were probably too young to understand the extent of what we were celebrating. But this year, we were able to understand how big of a deal the Diamond Jubilee was. We possibly may never experience another Diamond Jubilee again, so this made it extra special and a true reason for us to celebrate as a nation.

In the summer, amongst the street parties and Jubilee concerts, there was another reason to be patriotic. The 2012 Olympic games landed in London, and laid our doubts and fears to rest. For 7 years we wondered if all the money that had been put into holding this prestigious event, would be worth it. By the end of the summer, we knew that the Olympics was the best thing that that has happened this year. We showed the world that even though we may be a small island, but we are indeed a great one.

More recently, after the hype of the jubilee and the Olympics, we heard that there is going to be another addition to the Royal Family. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced that they are expecting a baby. As if the Royal Family could not get any bigger, but along with the her Jubilee, the Queen will be welcoming her third Great-Grandchild into the family early next summer.

Besides the fact that Great Britain has had some great moments, across the Atlantic have had something to celebrate as well. Barack Obama was appointed President of the United States for another four years, after a landslide win in the elections against Mitt Romney. It seemed that we were more excited about the US presidential elections rather than our own.

So, 2012 has been a great year for both the UK and the US. However, both countries have had some substantial lows throughout the year that have devastated many. Their have been a lot of celebrity deaths this year, that has left us grieving some of the greatest celebrity legends we have ever seen. In February, Whitney Houston died in a hotel room in Beverly Hills, where she was found dead in a bathtub. The death of Whitney Houston has had a monumental effect on the music industry; as Whitney was one of the greatest female solo artists. The UK has also lost one of our musical greats, Bee Gees singer Robin Gibb. As one third of a family band, Robin Gibb was a much loved singer/ songwriter who died at the age of 62 after a lengthy battle with cancer. Not just musical legends have unfortunately died last year. The first man to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong died on August 25th at the age of 82, after complications following a surgery.

It is not just deaths that have given us some low points to the year. Something a little closer to home has led a certain group of people to resent 2012, because of the rise of tuition fees. Yes, any student starting University from 2012 will now be paying almost treble of what a student pays who started University in 2011, which clearly is unfair and just rubbish! The rise in tuition fees has led to many young adults deciding not to go to University, purely because they cannot afford it, regardless of their academic ability. From this, students now have to prioritise money over education, making University a privilege and not a right.

So, 2012 has definitely had its fair share of highs and lows, celebrations and grievances. But 2012 will always been known for the success of the Olympics and the Queens great achievement of 60 years as our monarch. What does 2013 have install for us? We have no idea, but as the great Ronan Keating said; life is a roller coaster, just got to ride it.