#Birksy’s September


Hey, I’m Chris, a 4th year law student who wants to pass on to you a few tips for the forthcoming year.

First letters of each word to be large and be a mnemonic

FRIENDS. Make lots of them. It’s easy and you’ll do so without realizing. Join the universities societies and sports teams and check out all the activities put on by your Union, it’s the best place to start.

RESEARCH. University is different to sixth form/college in many ways. Research will become a vital part of your academic life. Talk to people if     you’re stuck, everyone is in the same boat as you and lecturers are here to help. They don’t mind if you ask a question, however silly you think it may be.

EXPERIENCE. Newcastle has lots to offer, and not just the nightlife you see on Geordie Shore! The city is full of history and culture, from the Baltic to the castle. Take a break from your studies and check it out.

SPEND WISELY. You only get one student loan so don’t go to the casino and put it all on red! Set yourself a weekly budget that covers your essential food and drink, and a little extra for a night out or two.

HEALTH. Signing up to a doctors is a must incase you come across any health problems. Newcastle is home to several hospitals, walk in centers and a GUM clinic for all your health needs.

ENJOY! You’re only here once so make the most of every second!

RELAX. Set yourself enough time to chill after a day of lectures. Head to Habita for a few drinks or kick back and head to the cinema to catch a new release.

SAFETY. Nothumbria’s own security will make sure you’re safe on campus 24/7. Taxi’s are a great way for safe travel but if you’re short of change, hand the driver your student card and pay your fare at the Union the next day! (available with Budget taxis)