Who do you support?

It is no secret that Newcastle upon Tyne is home to an enviable amount of sport; from the Newcastle Falcons rugby side to the Newcastle Eagles basketball team (who play right here at Sports Central) and, of course, Newcastle United football team.

Moving away to university can be a daunting experience at the best of times and, whether you are joining us now for the first time or have been here for some years, those of us who have grown up being taken to the football by our Dads (or Mums!) may find ourselves at a loose end at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon without our beloved teams. Well, fear not. Just over the river, the Gateshead International Stadium plays home to Gateshead Football Club.

GATESHEAD WHO?? Yes, maybe not an immediate choice with St James’ Park so close by but the Heed stole my heart from my very first weekend at university. I can already hear you asking why you would choose Gateshead FC over an established Premiership side but at just one step down from the football league, the Conference Premier has its own charm to offer.

As a born and bred Peterborough United supporter, I needed a team to adopt when I started at Northumbria three years ago. As a fan of “lower league”, I opted for Gateshead over Newcastle and have never looked back. I soon learned that having a local “second team” would be one of the best decisions that I would ever make.

So, what better way for us to prove that Gateshead FC are the team for you than to take you to your very first Heed match?? On Tuesday 24th September, the Heed face Chester with a floodlit evening kick off.


To celebrate the start of the season, we’re offering match tickets to Northumbria Uni students at a one off special ticket price of £4!! That’s LESS THAN HALF PRICE!!


Please email society president at lauren.teague@northumbria.ac.uk to confirm you place!!

We look forward to seeing you


#smileyface #heedarmy #ilovegatesheadfc


“Basically, we are a up and coming professional club;

it’s excellent supporting your local non league club.

We’re like a massive family – everyone is welcome.”

-    Anthony Scurfield



“Gateshead FC – The club that made me fall in love with football…”

-    David Kenny



“Gateshead FC have a fantastic set of local lads playing for them

who play with passion and you can really see it.

The passion is what i love about this team!”

-    Andrew McInnes






Find us @ www.facebook.com/nsugatesheadfc






“Bringing together like minded football

fans to watch live, local football at a

student-friendly price.”


£3 at the SU info desk





Tuesday 17th   Wrexham                     17:45

Tuesday 24th   Chester                        17:45



Saturday 5th                Dartford                       15:00

Saturday 12th  Alfreton Town 15:00