Volunteer Northumbria

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Northumbria University! I hope you’re ready for a crazy adventure that starts right now! You will be overwhelmed by all the exciting events, societies, committees and other things you can get involved in at Northumbria, and it’s great to sign up to at least one of them. One of the best opportunities that you can get involved in is Volunteer Northumbria. It is a volunteering programme run by students which organises projects to help the community. All the volunteers are students too, so there’s something for everyone.

Benefits of being part of VN:

It looks great on a CV – 73% of employers would choose to employ people with volunteering experience over those who don’t.

  • You meet lots of new people and you’ll have a new social group.
  • You can take part in exciting projects. e.g. animal shelter.
  • You can develop lots of different skills that will be useful for getting a job.
  • It’s something extra on top of your degree which makes you one step ahead of everyone else.
  • Finally, you’ll enjoy it!

If you think you’re right for being part of the Leadership committee or being a volunteer for any of the projects and events, then check out the Facebook page or the website for more details.

There are events in September and October to let you know a bit more about Volunteer Northumbria and what exactly it’s about.

Upcoming Events


  • VN & Project stalls at the Societies and Volunteering fair


Wednesday 18th September, 10am-4pm in the SU


  • Volunteer drop in – opportunities and how to get involved


Wednesday 25th September, 1pm-5pm in the SU


  • VN Tea Dance – Tea, cake and dancing for the elderly


Saturday 5th October, 2.30pm-4.30pm in Domain


Past projects and on-going projects that have been successful include: NSPCC Childline schools services, Story time, IT classes for the elderly, Sibling Support and Penpal project.

These are just a small selection of the projects that students have organised and made happen.

In the next year, you could be part of a project and make a difference in the community.