Diary of a 3rd year

So the infamous third year has arrived, hello huge workloads, constant pep talks about ‘the future’ and that dreaded ‘D’ word: the dissertation! The time has come to be sensible and set an example as a third and final year student here at Northumbria.

So what’s the first thing I did as a responsible 3rd year? Acted like a fresher and hit the welcome week fairs. Come on, everyone deserves free pizza and donuts! I must admit it was slightly embarrassing trying to explain to almost every stall that I did sign up last year, and the year before, and I was really just there for the freebies, but they certainly seemed used to it. I then hit the societies fair with a ‘this is my last year I’m going to do everything’ attitude, and signed up for almost anything, from student radio to skydiving! Whether I will make it to all or any of these is a different matter, but the positivity was there!

Next came the weird starting lectures again excitement, which nobody really wants to admit, but one person dares to say it and then everyone gives in and admits there is something about new modules, new timetables and seeing everyone again which gets you slightly giddy on a Monday morning. Strange, I know, but don’t act like I’m not talking about you! This bubble was, of course, instantly burst by the mention of multiple 2000 word essays, hundreds of hours of ‘independent study’ (erm, does sleeping count?) and the horrific dissertation, a.k.a ‘the-thing-which-must-not-be-named’ (in true ‘dark lord’ style!)

You’ll be relieved to hear that I have managed to squeeze a night out in among all this new-found stress, after all in a few weeks time the sticky floor of bars will be nothing but a faint memory, as I spend my evenings under a pile of books weeping. You don’t realise how much you miss cheap drinks until you go home for summer and pay twice as much for a single! God bless Newcastle nightlife.

So, to sum up my first two weeks of a third year: pizza, free pens and excitement followed by essay stress, exam stress and dissertation stress. I am determined not to let the latter half get on top of me too soon, let’s stay positive fellow third years! So to everybody feeling the same, good luck! I’m sure we will all get out alive, just be willing to push all the way to the end! And to all 1st and 2nd years reading, you’ve got all of this to look forward to…