League Tables 2014

The most recent University League table was released by the Guardian last Monday and Northumbria has slipped down the rankings from 55th to 58th place, now sandwiched between Plymouth at 59 and Stirling and Lincoln who are joint 56th.. The Guardian’s league table is one of three mainstay tables, The Times/Sunday Times run their own and the Complete University Guide is usually published by Which. All tables are published annually, although some of the statistics used in calculating them are updated less frequently.

The Guardian's League Tables is online at http://www.guardian.co.uk/education/table/2013/jun/03/university-league-table-2014

The Guardian’s League Tables is online at www.guardian.co.uk 



Although Northumbria had been at 55 for the previous two years, the tables regularly shift about and a change of less than five places usually comes down to a percentage point difference in one of the criteria used to calculate the list. We’re certainty not one of the biggest movers on the list this year, between the 2012 and 2014 the University of Essex went from 39th to 63rd whist the Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh has now overtaken the University of Edinburgh itself with them being 18th and 19th respectively.

If you have a look into some of the other criteria however, the story gets much more interesting, when you list University’s based on feedback from students in the National Student Survey, Northumbria comes 13th, only two places behind Cambridge who is regularly the top of the main list (they’ve been 1st since 2012). In fact the only nearby University to come higher on the NSS list than us is Teesside, Durham are 10 places behind us and Newcastle are 69 places further down. It’s important to note also that the criteria used in making the league tables is in no way complete, it doesn’t take into account factors that impact certain subjects, such as the availability of certain options or expert tutors.

But we do however get the accolade of best University city in the UK (even if we have to share it with Newcastle).



Edited by Josh Mclean

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