The Six Faces of Northumbria Library

The uni did such a good job of extending our library and making first floor a bit nicer at the beginning of the year, but around this time it’s still virtually impossible to get a computer between the hours of 9am and 7pm. But who’s taking up that space you want so badly? After three years, I think I’ve finally got the different types of library student sussed.

1.The night rider
Giving ‘working 9 to 5’ a whole new meaning, the night rider claims they work best between the hours of 10pm and 6am, fuelled on relentless and coffee. Before the library opened 24 hours a day, great essays just didn’t happen. Pros: you always get a computer. Cons: zombification.

2.The lone ranger
This guy or girl simply cannot work with people without getting distracted. It takes strict motivation to sit away from your friends, who are having a good time working together on a different floor, but unless you’re alone, nothing gets done. Pros: it’s much easier to find one computer than five. Cons: You can practically hear the giggles of your friends through the floorboards as you sit miserably alone.

3.The raver
iPod full blast, humming, mouthing the words, head bobbing, back on YouTube every three minutes choosing the next song, you know the type. So fun when this is you, not so fun when it’s the person next to you. Pros: if you’ve forgotten your iPod you can rock out to the person on your left’s. Cons: risk of getting told to turn it down, which, I can tell you from experience, is mortifying!

4. The Social Network
This person is the embodiment of all things social media. Spending more time on Facebook and Twitter than Microsoft Word, and constantly surrounded by noisy friends. Yet the 2000 word essay seems to get done, somehow. Pros: never a dull moment. Cons: Work will eventually get done, but probably not quite so fast.

5.The hogger
This role takes serious dedication, as you have to get up early to secure a computer in your desired spot. After that, the hard parts over, and you can leave your computer with an unwanted scarf and some random sheets of paper scattered around it, then it is untouchable. Pros: guaranteed computer anytime you need it. Cons: the early start, and the risk people will just move your stuff and log you off.

6.The one in denial
If you’ve read this article thinking ‘well I’m none of these’ the chances are you’re definitely at least two, if not four or five! Sometimes library politics are even harder than the work itself, and you have all this to worry about alongside being captured on Facebook’s ‘spotted’ page, nightmare!