NUS Conference LIVE Day 1

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Today the delegates you elected last November, Mike Potter, Hannah Horne, Cameron Giles, Tim Patchett, Sarah Price, Hamish Yewdall and Rachel Breen, alongside President Jo Rhodes, head down to Sheffield for the 2013 NUS conference.

The National Union of Students (NUS) is a body made up of over 600 individual students’ unions across the country – including Northumbria! It campaigns nationally on a range of issues on behalf of students and each year all member Unions send a delegation to a national conference to decide what NUS policy and priorities are for the year ahead.

This year looks set to be one of the busiest conferences yet, after Demo 2012 in the autumn term many expect this year to look at NUS’s plans for the 2015 general election, there’s also a wave of motions surrounding student finances following the release of an 18 month long research program “Pound in Your Pocket” by NUS just a few months ago.

Today conference debates motions on Welfare and Education, so expect discussions on how degrees are classified, postgraduate employment and timetabling alongside talks on mental health issues, council tax and travel costs.

Northumbria is also submitting motions this year, so today our delegation will be arguing in support of motions and ammendments on accomodations costs, placements and the confirmation and clearing process with Uni applications.

Today I’ll be updating this page with all the news straight from conference floor, so be sure to check back. Tomorow some info on the elections and the further debates arround Education, Society & Citizenship and Union Development.


10:00 – At Sheffield Train Station, everyone very excited for Conference.

12:00 – And we’re off! NUS Conference 2013 is now underway.

15:00 – President Jo Rhodes takes to the stage for Northumbria’s motion on accommodation.

16:00 – NSU’s team return to the conference floor after a fringe break, motions on Education soon.

17:10 -  Northumbria’s amendment on accommodation takes it’s place in NUS’s big policy on Accommodation, which includes parts on landlord advertising and rating landlords.

17:30 – Conference moves onto Education time for discussions on barriers to participation, employment and qualifications.

18:10 – NSU delegation votes on issues on Further Education in Higher Education.

19:40 – Delegates listen to guest speaker Sarah Veale CBE, trade union leader and former NUS VP Welfare, speaking on the work of the student movement and solidarity.

19:48 – “What an absolute disgrace that is” Sarah Veale discusses the growing need for and prevalence of food banks in major UK cities.

19:52 – “I applause the continuation of political activity in the student population.”, multiple rounds of applause for Sarah Veale  on conference floor.

20:09 – The Higher Education Zone debate on the public value of education gets very active at NUS National Conference.

21:09 – Peer support schemes receiving praise at NUS conference.

21:17 – Vocational learner involvement now under discussion at Sheffield City Hall.

21:25 – Controversial debate on Higher Education funding now on conference floor.

21:42 – EMA and it’s impact on all students now hot topic here at Sheffield.

 22:00 – Delegates head to the Presidential hustings where candidates Toni Pearce, Vicki Barrs, Sam Gaus and Peter Smallwood will be speaking on their vision for the future of NUS.

All motions to conference, as well as loads of other info can be found at
For more on the Pound in Your Pocket research go to